The English Toy Terrier (ETT) is the eldest Toy breed in Great Britain. It's a small, lively and loyal dog, most of the time fond of children. But it's not suitable for a home with very small children since it does not tolerante rough handling.

Originally it was bred to eliminate mice and rats, it is quick, alert and prompt. It is loving, self confident, friendly, charming and welcoming to all.

Even though he is small, 3-5 kg, he needs to exercise and loves to run free. Despite his elegant and fine boned appearance, it has all the typical terrier characteristics. He is independent, active and expects to be where the action is.

He is cooperative and easy to train, you come a long way with good contact and a lot of praise. He is suitable for agility and obedience together with a long Line of other fun activities.

This little terrier is a perfect family dog, and gets attached to his owner. He is also a good watch dog and will let you know when somebody is coming.