Dan-Noir & Feu is a small in-house kennel. For me it's important to breed on healthy dogs who lives up to the breed standard.

In 2011 I got my first ETT, a male called Filou, but it was not enough and in 2013 Fleur arrived. The dogs are a part of our family and we take them with us wherever it's possible. They are allowed all over the house, including the couch and the bed.

I have done obedience with all my dogs since they were puppies, and still do on our daily walk in the nearby dog forest Egeb├Žksvang, where they run free and meet other dogs.

When the puppies leave the kennel they have been out driving, in the forest, at the Beach, down town, on individual walks, at the vet and they have been exposed to all kinds of Sounds from a CD (Sounds scary), house hold machines and Garden tools. A small part of the Garden is a puppie friendly playground with different kinds of toys.

When they leave the Kennel, the puppies are chippet, vaccinated, dewormed and they bring a DKK pedigree.